Month: September 2017

20 Beautiful Tattoo Designs &TheirMeanings



Tattoos are a very popular and personal way to express one’s originality. The design chosen usually represents something very important or else who would choose to wear it for a lifetime?  If you are currently considering a tattoo here are the 10 top choices and their meaning:

  1. Tribal

The tribal tattoo is the most popular tattoo ever created. It seems strange that in a modern world design that represents tribes is popular. It is believed the tribal design originates from the indigenous and aboriginal cultures.

  1. Star

Gazing at the stars has been a popular past time for as long as there has been someone on earth (and perhaps other planets) to gaze at them. Stars represent many different things to people. Sometimes it symbolizes fortune or fame. Sometimes guidance such as with the three wise men. Other times it’s considered lucky to wish upon a star, and most everyone knows that if you do good in class, your teacher may give you a star. Perhaps that is why a star is a favorite: it represents so many positive things.

  1. Cross

The cross tattoo is avery popular religious symbol that is not exclusive to just one religion. The cross has long represented the Christian, Celtic, Maltese and Gothic sets. Some people wear crosses just because they like the design and not necessarily for religious purposes.

  1. Angel

An Angel tattoo is a design with supernatural meaning. Angels usually represent a messenger from God or a guardian angel who watches over and protects someone.

  1. Wings

Wings represent flight or things of a spiritual nature including many legends and myths. Wings are associated with speed and a sense of freedom. Military pilots earn their wings after they complete certain training.

  1. Maori

The Maori tribal tattoo is a top favorite among tribal designs. The Maori tribe were indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand.

  1. Dragon

Dragons are typically creatures to be feared, but some cultures worship them as part of a religious act or belief. Dragons often represent power. The dragon has been another long term favorite tattoo.

  1. Phoenix

The Phoenix is a mythical bird that often represents something that was destroyed that resurrects itself up out of the ashes to become something new. It often is a symbol of new beginnings, especially after a loss.

  1. Butterfly

Women especially are attracted to the butterfly tattoo. Perhaps because of,it’s colorful and delicate beauty…just like a woman.

  1. Fairy

The Fairy is a symbol that represents a mystical and magical icon and a character of flight. The Fairy is often the grantor of a wish come true.

  1. Rose

The roses are not only famous for its romantic connotations but have been used in more aggressive situations. Two famous families in England have a rose as part of their families symbolism. The Lancaster’s emblem is red rose and The York’s use white roses in their coat of arms.

12. Horns of a deer

  1. Head of a camel
  2. Eyes of a demon
  3. Neck of a snake
  4. Stomach of a claim

17.Scales of a carp fish

  1. Claws of an eagle
  2. Soles of a tiger
  3. Ears of a cow

    This nine tattoo designs (11-20) is believed to be the mythical creature developed its appearance from the totem poles of many different tribes in China. The Chinese dragon is believed to have evolved to incorporate the features of 9 animals to become the mythical creature it is today which is the animals in those nine-tattoo designs.


Tattoos have a different meaning as it relates to the designs, but most people just get tattoo designs on their body without knowing the meaning of what they are crafting on their body. This piece of article will help you pick your preferred tattoo based on their meaning. Visit: